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What are the minimum rental qualifications required to qualify for your rental property?

Income - Applicant's combine total monthly gross income must exceed 3x the monthly rent of the property they wish to lease. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Example: If the monthly rent for the property the applicant(s) wish to lease is $1,000, then their combine total monthly gross income must be at least $3,000.

Rental History - All Applicants must have a good rental history. Applicants with a poor rental payment history or dispossessory actions and evictions against them, will be denied.

Credit History - All Applicants must have a good recent credit history. There is no minimum credit score and Applicants do not need to have a perfect credit history. However, the Applicant's credit report should show a good repayment history to creditors within the past two (2) years.

Some examples of derogatory items found on Applicant's credit reports that are grounds for a denial of your rental application are as follows:

  • Recent late payments on revolving or installment loans
  • A large amount of unsecured debt
  • A high debt to income ratio
  • Student loans currently in default
  • Collections from the Internal Revenue Service or Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Collections from former Apartment Complexes, Landlords or Property Managers
  • Collections from electric, natural gas and water/sewer utility providers
  • Collections for unpaid Child Support

Criminal Background - All Applicants must have no criminal background or no criminal convictions within the last seven (7) years. Convictions for violent or sexual crimes at any time in the Applicant's criminal background are grounds for a denial of their rental application.

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